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Thursday, November 6, 2014

MLS 96603

MLS 96603

New Bern
Completely Renovated & Updated - A Rare Find in Trent Woods

2549 ft - 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths

0.51 acre lot


Friday, April 18, 2014

New Bern Parade of Homes 2014

Spring is here!  Come checkout what is new around town.  Discover the craftsmanship of your local builders.  See a home you like?  Give me a call.  I am available to assist you in the purchase of your next home.  As a licensed North Carolina Broker I am authorize to sell any and all properties listed for sale.

While you are out drop by 1003 B Kings Way on April 26, for Open House.  Renovated, affordable and convenient location are just a few of the great features this home has to offer.  See you Saturday!


Monday, January 20, 2014

MLS 92995

1003-B Kings Way, New Bern, NC

3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom
1437 square feet - 1.5 Story Half Duplex


Conveniently located close to shopping, restaurants, downtown, major highways and hospital. 

Home has had many updates including new roof, windows, siding, patio doors, flooring, interior paint and much more. Check the link for details.  

Move in ready! 

Call today to schedule a tour (252)217-9562

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Commission - Who Pays It?

If you are interested in buying a home, I have fantastic news! Commission is traditionally paid by the sellers to the agent(s) involved in procuring a buyer who is ready, willing, and able to complete the purchase.

Some sellers will start with the FSBO (for sale by owner) approach and achieve their desired outcome. The majority of FSBO listings are eventually listed with a professional full-time agent. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important for sellers to consider commission.

Commission, if applicable, is traditionally paid by the sellers to the agent(s) who helped procure the sale of their property. If you sell your property as a FSBO to an individual without a buyers agent, commission is a non-issue.

The majority of buyers will use the services of a real estate agent to assist them in their home search. Potential buyers will be working with an agent before they even know your property is available. Buyers understand that agents are traditionally paid a commission by the sellers, based on the final agreed upon gross sale price. Sellers should consider using every means available to sell their property. This includes professional agents, representing buyers, who will promote and possibly sell their property.

In North Carolina there is NO "set percentage rate" for commission. Commission percentages are not included in property advertisements and are not made available to buyers and/or members of the general public. Commission percentages are negotiated according to the type of property being sold and the level of services being provided by the listing agent. Sellers negotiate the amount of commission to be paid with their listing agent. Sellers of FSBO properties who decide to offer commission to buyers' agents may either negotiate or set the percentage of commission.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Walmart - A Good Place to Pickup Stuff!

I had afternoon duty at the office and worked late trying to get marketing materials ready for Saturday's Open House. It is dark by the time Marston and I start placing the directional signs advertising the Open House. We get home and I still needed supplies, so I drop Marston back at the house. I am pulling into Walmart when my phone rings. It is Marston.

He asks, "What are you thinking about for dinner?"

Honestly I had forgotten all about dinner. "I don't know?"

"Pickup a rotisserie chicken when you are at Walmart."


I get to Walmart and rush around getting what I needed. Unfortunately they don't have everything which means my next stop is Staples. It is already after eight o'clock - can I make it in time? I rush to the checkout. Luck is on my side there are still some chickens left. I grab the chicken and get in line. I am going to make it to Staples before they close.

So there I am standing in line with my office supplies and chicken when the guy in front of me turns around and starts sizing up the items in my cart. He is still dressed in his work uniform with Johnny on his shirt. Johnny appears to be in his late 50s with a big smile and hair as white as snow.

He offers,"Go ahead of me, I have more than you do."

"Thanks but no, I have to ring my stuff in as two separate orders so it will take longer." I am amazed. All I could think is, what a nice guy. Here I am in a hurry and a real gentleman is trying to help me out.

He insists, "No really, I don't mind. Please go ahead of me."

"Okay, I am not going to say no twice. Thank you that was so nice of you." His smile is ear-to-ear.

I reach down into the cart to get the chicken, when I realize Johnny wants me to jump more than the line.

"Something sure smells good, r-e-a-l good. I wouldn't mind sharing something that smells that good!"

I turn my head to see Johnny is mesmerized by my butt. He has no idea I am watching him, watching me.

"My husband wanted me to pickup a chicken for his supper." Johnny looks up and catches me looking at him. He just shrugs it off and informs me, "Walmart is a great place to pick stuff up." I grinned and tried not to laugh because he was right. I go there to pick stuff up all the time.

In the time it takes me to pay for the chicken Johnny has moved on and convinced another women to go ahead of him. As she pass me the chicken, the cashier informs me that Johnny has been in her line for almost an hour. Pay attention ladies:  good looking men who are not interested in bar hounds could be on the prowl in a Walmart near you just waiting for you to jump them in line. Johnny was working the express line (20 items or less), which doesn't seem like an indication for long-term relationship.

Happy Shopping!