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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phase One - Shrine Club Update

When has a project ever gone according to plan? Somehow there is always an unexpected surprise. I would like to say I love surprises but it would not be a true statement.

Phase One involved painting, and installing the new electrical components and blinds. Electrical components and blinds are done but need a little tweaking. Most of the painting is done except for the doors which are in the process of being redone. Most of the cleanup has already happened and most of the furniture and pictures have been returned to their previous homes.

Overall we are almost done and everything that is done looks great. Many folks have requested photos so here are some before and in-progress pictures.

Entrance Before

Window Treatments Before

Lighting Before

Saturday Morning: Room is cleared and final prep is happening before operation paint began.

Saturday Morning: View of the bi-folding door/counter area during final prep before operation paint started.

In-Progress: View of the doors with new blinds & a closeup of the new seating area created out of the former planter.

In-Progress: View of the bi-folding door/counter area.

In-Progress: View of the room taken from the same angle as our before photo.

Before: Taken in October 2011. Nice but dated.
Phase Two
This will be the process of furnishing the space. A committee was formed to solicit donations that suited the new space. The new rug was ordered today. A new brown leather sofa will be arriving in February. The funding for both items was donated by individual New Bern Shrine Club members.

Big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who helped with this project and the donors of our new furnishings.

Final photos to follow.

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